Course Programme

The course begins with arrival and setup from 9am. Once set for your band sessions you will join other participants and the course directors in the main halls for a meet and greet and then we are immediately into the music.  The four days will run from 9.00am-5.00pm with a student concert on the afternoon of the last day.

We will look in depth at some of your favourite Swing, latin and fusion jazz standards, giving you an insight into the world of the jazz greats. You will be able to explore the harmonies, rhythms, and stylistic nuances that make jazz and improvised music the most challenging field of contemporary music today.


The days are structured as follows:


Instrumental lessons with tutors: This is the chance to get your questions answered as you work through staples from the swing, bebop, latin and fusion era.

Before lunch: 

Tutors come together to provide a number of workshops covering  a variety of subjects relevant to playing in a live situation and specific to the course material. These will include demonstrated by the tutors as well as question and answer time where things can be looked at in a practical situation. Last years sessions included: “The role of different instruments i different styles”, “Modal Harmony”, “Dealing with nerves and confidence” “Jazz Minor scales” and “Altered Chords, extensions and their scales”.






In the afternoon all participants work in bands. These are tutor led rehearsal bands that create a place to put into practice all of the information from the morning sessions. The tutors will highlighting how to make the most of your role within the band and share tips on rehearsal techniques, leading and understanding a rhythm section or supporting a soloist. This is perhaps the most valuable part of the course as it is a rare opportunity to have the advice and wisdom of great players in a live environment.



The Finale Gig:


The course comes to a climax on the final afternoon with a gig at The Jazz Centre (Southend) where each band show what they have learnt throughout the week. Many students come away with new friends, musical contacts and often new bands are formed.